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Cornish named Cultural Figure 2011

Joe Cornish has been named the BBC Broadcasting House Cultural Figure of the Year 2011.

The comedian, presenter, writer and director began his career co-hosting The Adam And Joe Show and this year directed his first feature film Attack The Block and co-wrote the Tintin movie for Steven Spielberg.

Joe, 42, said: "It's an honour to be given this extraordinary accolade."

Speaking about working with his hero Spielberg, Joe admitted he felt a sense of bereavement when it was over.

Joe revealed: "The problem for me when you're in a room with people as famous as that is to remember you're in the room, because it feels like you're watching them on telly. And then to remember that it's a dialogue not a monologue because you're so used to just listening to their wisdom.

"And then I guess the other problem is just not to become overly relaxed because you feel you know them so well.

"Then you've got to try not to ask them every single mad geeky question you've ever wanted to ask them and you do get a slight sense of bereavement when you leave their company and you leave that world, just because it feels very exciting and pleasurable on a very deep level."

Joe revealed he plans to write more films in 2012. He said: "I'm just going to knuckle down and do some writing."

The comic was presented with a wooden spurtle for stirring porridge as his prize to go with the accolade.

He gasped: "How did you know, I love spurtling porridge! It's an exciting day in many ways."


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