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Cornish sought for Skull Island

Joe Cornish has apparently been offered the job of directing Skull Island, the film that shows the origins of the King Kong story.

Attack The Block director Joe is said to be a regular target for Hollywood film studios and according to Deadline is top choice to take on the ape thriller movie at Legendary Pictures.

Skull Island has been penned by Godzilla writer Max Borenstein and is based on the mythic origins of King Kong, an island where mutant giant creatures rule.

The island has already made an appearance in Peter Jackson's King Kong remake, when the cast landed on Skull Island and had to run for their lives from the oversized apes.

It isn't known yet whether Joe has accepted the offer, but he has also been asked to direct Section Six, a Universal film about the formation of MI6.

Skull Island is expected to be released in cinemas on November 4, 2016.


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