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Corrie fans worried as Andy’s escape bid fails

Corrie fans are worried that Phelan has left Andy locked up for good.


Oliver Farnworth as Andy

Oliver Farnworth as Andy

Oliver Farnworth as Andy

Coronation Street fans have been left fearing for Andy’s life after his stint in captivity took a turn for the worse.

Viewers had believed that Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) had killed Andy (Oliver Farnworth) but last week it was revealed that the builder had been keeping him hidden in a basement since January.

In Monday night’s double helping of episodes, Andy made a break for freedom by trying to strangle his captor but was overpowered.

Pat then left him – and viewers were worried that he will not return and that Andy will starve.

“That scared me! Don’t want Andy to die! He’s only just come back!!” said one concerned fan on Twitter.

“Poor Andy could die of starvation!” posted another.

“Aww poor andy i just want to rescue him and give him a cuddle,” said one.

One viewer admitted: “Yikes, even I am scared of Patrick Phelan. I just moved my chair away from the telly!!”

The gripping scenes have also won plenty of praise from viewers impressed by Farnworth and McIntyre’s acting.

McIntyre took to Twitter himself to thank fans for their comments.

He wrote: “Thank you Tweeps,for all the feedback on @itvcorrie tonight,we are humbled and grateful. Thank you.”