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Corrie’s Connor McIntyre lauded after Pat Phelan storyline reaches climax

The villain was pushed to his death by wife Eileen Grimshaw after she learned the truth about his crimes.

Coronation Street actor Connor McIntyre has been praised for his portrayal of villainous Pat Phelan after he bid farewell to the character.

In a dramatic double-episode on Good Friday, Pat was pushed to his death by wife Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) after she learned the truth about his crimes.

The shock twist saw Eileen label Pat a murderer and rapist after he had launched into a lengthy monologue in which he called himself the “worst thing you can imagine”.

“Do you really want to know what I am? I’m that, I’m the darkness and the light, I’m a creator and a destroyer, the accuser and the prosecutor, I’m the Lord of Hope, I’m the layer in wait, I’m the worst thing you can imagine,” Pat said.

As he went to grab the keys to his boat, he fell through the railings and grabbed onto a rope before Eileen stamped on his hands causing him to fall into the sea below.

His long reign of terror appears to have come to an end and viewers on social media lauded McIntyre’s portrayal as they bemoaned his departure.

@Jordzlee wrote on Twitter: “Oh I love him amazing actor he gets everyone talking doesn’t he. Definitely gonna miss him!”

@Sadielady1959 posted: “Oh no!! I’ve never been so sad to see the back of a baddie!! #Corrie #Phelan @connor9mcintyre it won’t be the same without you.”

@RainyBobs tweeted: “Sat on the edge of the sofa watching @itvcorrie fantastic acting from the great @connor9mcintyre & @Sue_Cleaver.”

@SarahFromNWales posted: “Phenomenal acting from @connor9mcintyre – there will never be a villain as sinister and deeply frightening as #Phelan – I almost hope he will emerge from the sea – incredible suspense.”


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