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Corrie’s Kym Marsh: I gifted on-screen stalker an actual stalker kit

Marsh’s present came way before she found out what would soon be in store for her character.

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh has told how she once gave co-star Leon Ockenden a homemade stalker kit as a joke gift, before she knew what would eventually be in store for their characters.

Ockenden recently returned to the ITV soap as Michelle Connor’s ex-boyfriend Will Chatterton, who has since launched an obsessive campaign that has already included drugging, kidnapping and locking her in a car boot.

Michelle (Marsh) is about to discover her seemingly supportive friend’s true nature at last, in a dramatic episode kicking off a week of action-packed storylines.

Commenting on Ockenden’s comeback following a stint on the show last year – that earned him the nickname “Weird Will” among the cast – Marsh said: “Leon’s great, he is such a lovely guy and very funny.

“He did used to keep bringing the psycho off set, so for his leaving present I gave him his very own stalker kit, complete with a floppy hat, black glasses, a scarf and some emergency moustaches.

“I also gave him one of Michelle’s dresses, and then he came into the canteen completely dressed up in front of everyone, it was hysterical.”

But jokes aside, Marsh said the big reveal will mark a “terrifying” moment for Michelle and could “possibly” endanger her life.

The ominous drama adds to an already tough year for Michelle, who recently suffered through a heart-wrenching miscarriage followed by her split from cheating partner Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).

The story marked a personally emotional one for Marsh, who spoke openly about her own experience losing a baby.

Now in her 11th year on the show, she said: “I have had the best 12 months here. It has been fantastic and I have been given some incredible opportunities, and there are still more to come.

“It has really let me stretch my acting muscles and has given me a lot of challenges.

2017 TRIC Awards – London

“But I still have a lot to learn; the day you can say, ‘I know everything,’ is the day you should probably give it up.”

One positive event coming up for Michelle is the return of her on-screen sister Carla Connor, played by Alison King.

While the actors are still being kept in the dark about the circumstances surrounding Carla’s arrival in Weatherfield, Marsh said: “Whatever happens, it will be great to have her back. She’s the heart of our family.”


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