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Corrie’s Robert Preston in handcuffs after defending Michelle Connor

He was duped by her ex-boyfriend.

Coronation Street fans were horrified as Robert Preston was arrested after coming to the defence of his girlfriend Michelle Connor.

Preston (Tristan Gemmill) ended up in police custody after confronting drug dealer Rich, thinking he had planted drugs at Connor’s bistro.

However, viewers saw he is being manipulated by his girlfriend’s ex-partner Will Chatterton (Leon Ockenden), who planted the stash and then tipped off the police.

Chatterton again tipped off officers when Connor (Kym Marsh) and Preston confronted the drug dealer.

The plot development could leave him in serious trouble as he has just been given community service.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “I know it’s only a programme but I really hate Will!!! I can’t believe what he’s doing to Michelle & Robert.”

Another wrote: “Robert’s back behind bars! Oh, Will. You crafty sod!”

Another said: “What a weasel that Will IS in.”

One soap fan also observed a hint that Chatterton is up to no good, writing: “Will needs to remove his glasses in a sinister fashion at least once per episode to remind us he’s evil. ”

Meanwhile, fans were suspicious after Pat Phelan told Andy Carver he would finally let him go after keeping him prisoner in secret for months.

One wrote: “There has to be a catch, would Pat just like Andy go like that?”

Another said: “Ok Pat, what’s the catch? Are you going to send Andy to North Korea or Outer Mongolia where he can’t do you any damage?”

Coronation Street continues at 7pm on Sunday on ITV.


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