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Corrie’s Tim Metcalfe tells Sally he slept with her sister in festive special

The dramatic episode of Coronation Street saw Tim visit his wife in prison to confess.

Joe Duttine plays Tim Metcalfe in Coronation Street (Matt Crossick/PA)
Joe Duttine plays Tim Metcalfe in Coronation Street (Matt Crossick/PA)

Tim Metcalfe has confessed to his wife Sally Webster that he slept with her sister while she languished in prison for a crime she did not commit.

Tonight’s Christmas episode of Coronation Street saw Tim, played by Joe Duttine, come to the realisation he could not hide the truth from his wife.

Waking up the morning after his liaison with sister-in-law Gina Seddon (Connie Hyde), Tim was forced to ask his daughter Faye what he had done. She told him she had seen him in bed with Gina.

Faye chastised him for his infidelity, saying: “This is nothing to do with you. She’s going to be devastated. Tim, she loves you. She’s never stopped loving you.”

After deciding to tell his wife as soon as possible, Tim headed to the prison, where Sally (Sally Dynevor) is serving a sentence for fraud, money laundering and bribery after being framed by corrupt businessman Duncan Radfield.

Unsurprisingly, Tim’s confession saw Sally first become confused then angry.

“I can’t believe it. You come here on Christmas day to tell me this,” she said.

“Come on, give me all the gory details. It’s all worked out very nicely for you hasn’t it?

“You and Gina, and me out of the way in here. That’s how much I meant to you? You chucked our marriage away for a drunken fumble with my sister?”

After a brief back and forth between the pair, Sally’s position softened and she began to suspect her sister had masterminded a plan to take Tim from her.

She said: “She deliberately tried to split us up. She can be very sly when she wants to be. She just wanted what I had. Gina has stolen my life. She’s in my home with my husband while I rot in here.”

However, Tim was less than sympathetic, losing him temper and shouting before storming off. He told her: “You’re losing the plot. You’ve got too much time on your hands.”

Later, Sally was proved right after Gina admitting she had been trying to separate them. In a dramatic confrontation she told him: “She’s nothing but a cheat. I’m the one who loved you.

“I only gave you the respect you deserved. She cheated on you. Sally may have had her ups and downs but she was loved. I’ve never had that.

“Both my marriages failed. My kids don’t want to see me. You were so lovely to me. I saw a glimpse of what my life could be like, living with you.”

In a final twist, she revealed that they had not actually had sex and that she had simply decided to sleep beside him after he passed out drunk.

In a fit of rage, Tim demanded she leave the house and never return.



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