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Costner: I won't be told what to do

Kevin Costner has said the reason he doesn't direct any more is because he doesn't like being dictated to by Hollywood.

The Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit star last directed a movie in 2003 when he made Western Open Range. His other directing credits include the award-winning and critically acclaimed Dances With Wolves and box office flop Waterworld.

Asked about the major changes in Hollywood since he started his career, Kevin said: "Well I think there's too big [emphasis on] committees. That is why I don't direct more. If I direct I want you to see the movie I direct and not something that somebody else told me to do."

The Bodyguard star revealed he refuses to submit his films to test screenings.

He added: "They're a little bit afraid to work with me because what if I'm crazy. But I think they're crazy. I've watched really good things be taken away because people don't think the audience would like it. It just kills me.

"I am just a little different. Maybe I am not doing it right, but that is who I am, that is why I don't make sequels.

"At least I've lived and died with single movies. I don't always work with important directors. I work with first-time people. I will tell you, some of the movies that I've made that haven't turned out the way I wanted, haven't been because they weren't good, not at all. It's been because in post and editing there are too many committees. They get rid of key things. I knew they were good scripts. I know it in my heart. It's a drag."

But Kevin revealed he is planning to direct a new movie.

He said: "I am going to direct more as I play out the second half of my career, and the movie Black And White is what you're going to see. I produced it and paid for it. I didn't direct it, but I made sure that the movie is what I want people to see. That's who I am. Maybe I don't look old, but I feel like a dinosaur in the sense that I don't need to ask an audience what I think is good."

:: Kevin co-stars with Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kenneth Branagh in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, in cinemas now.


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