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Countryfile’s Anita Rani: Children need to get out into the countryside

The show is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Countryfile star Anita Rani says she feels “emotional” about children not getting out into the countryside.

The 30th anniversary episode of Countryfile, which will see John Craven introduce a countdown of the show’s 30 most memorable moments, airs on Sunday evening on BBC1.

And Rani told the Press Association: “I really love doing the stories that encourage people from cities and urban areas to get out to the countryside”.

She said that she feels “quite emotional” about the issue of some children having never set foot in the countryside, because “you really think how sad that is”.

The 30th anniversary episode of Countryfile airs on BBC1 at 7pm. 

Countryfile Live is taking place at Blenheim Palace from August 2-5.


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