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Cowell: My son has great instincts when it comes to music

Simon Cowell says his little boy has great taste in music.

Simon Cowell has said his three-year-old son could follow in his footsteps as he already has “fantastic instincts” when it comes to music.

Eric, Cowell’s son with partner Lauren Silverman, sat in the wings watching some of the auditions for the upcoming series of The X Factor and music mogul Cowell believes he has a knack for spotting talent.

He said: “At the moment he seems to know more about music than I do!

“If I say to him, ‘Can you tell me the lyrics to this record’ he will literally repeat the entire song.

“So when he watches all these movies, like Trolls, which has an amazing soundtrack by Justin Timberlake, he knows every word, who the original artist is, and if I tell him the song he just repeats it.

“I think he’ll probably end up doing what I am doing.”

Cowell said Eric has quickly picked up aspects of what he does.

He said: “I used to ask him what daddy does for work and he’d say ‘You press buttons’, that’s Britain’s Got Talent.

“Then Louis (Walsh) said to him today, ‘What does daddy do?’ and he just said, ‘He talks into a microphone!’ That’s what he thinks I do!”

He said: “He really has got good taste in music though and is very interesting to watch because when we get new records come in from our artists, I watch him when we play the record.

“If he’s interested then it’s a really good chance it’ll be a hit. He’s got fantastic instincts.”

:: The X Factor returns to ITV on Saturday September 2 and Sunday September 3 at 8pm.


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