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Coyle gets challenged in Pusher

Richard Coyle has revealed his role in Pusher challenged his acting skills to the core.

The 40-year-old actor may have starred in TV comedy series Coupling, worked with Madonna on WE and appeared on the theatre stage, but admitted that his latest part of drug-dealer Frank in Luis Prieto's English-language remake exerted him more than ever before.

"It was a great challenge. But that's what you always hope it to be. It was kind of exhilarating and thrilling," he said.

Richard - who stars opposite model Agyness Deyn in the remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's Danish thriller - admitted he was very affected by the character.

"I get pretty drained because we did 12-hour days on six-day weeks and there were no days off. It was hard to switch off and stop," he recalled.

"I didn't really leave it behind on set. I would go home and feel this hopeless frustrated rage and I want to beat things up. I hit pillows when I get home and I listen to music a lot. But I got to vent spleen on set so it was quite good, because it takes it out of you and you sort of exhaust yourself doing it."

Richard had initial hesitations about playing Frank: "I loved the role immediately. It's just one of those roles that you just go 'Wow'. This is a man fighting for his soul. But I had just finished another job and I was worried about getting ready for it physically and getting my head around it."

Pusher opens in cinemas on October 12.


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