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Crawford happy to wait to be a dad

Chace Crawford has revealed he's "going to wait a while longer" before having kids, despite playing an expectant father in his new film.

The Gossip Girl star plays dad-to-be Marco in new parenthood flick What To Expect When You're Expecting, but admitted he's not quite ready for a child in real life.

"I've always wanted kids but maybe now I'm going to wait a while longer," the star said.

Chace, 26, is uncle to a new nephew in real life, and said he enjoys bonding with the tot.

"I'm going to be hands-on until I have to change the diapers then it's back to mum," he explained.

"That's the privilege of being an auntie or uncle. It means you don't have to deal with any of the tough stuff."

Chace also said he was keen to work with Twilight's Anna Kendrick, who plays his love interest Rosie in the romantic comedy.

"When I knew she was doing it, I wanted a shot at working with her. She's so much fun to work off and hang out with," he said.


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