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Crew kept throwing up on Hanks

Paul Greengrass has revealed how several of the crew threw up on Tom Hanks while filming ocean-set thriller Captain Phillips.

Tom stars as Captain Richard Phillips in the true-life story about the Maersk Alabama hijacking by Somalian pirates in 2009. Phillips was taken hostage by the pirates in a small lifeboat and Paul decided to shoot some of the scenes at sea.

Paul said: "We started on the ocean and that thing was a truly horrendous experience, it's very small, you're low down and crammed in there.

"The first day we started shooting Tom was in there with the four guys playing the pirates, Barry Ackroyd the DOP (director of photography), the focus puller and Chris Carreras my assistant director.

"I was next door in a small camera boat with a walkie talkie. And we started the scene and it was going OK but I was anxious to drive on, and I spoke to Chris and asked what's going on, and he said, 'Focus puller doesn't look so good', and I said, 'I don't care just shoot will you!' And he said, 'focus puller has just thrown up all over Tom!' I said 'I don't care shoot on', and he said 'Now Barry's thrown up too!'."

Some scenes were shot in a studio using a gimble machine, but Tom admitted shooting on the ocean was "hell on earth".

He revealed: "Before we started shooting I said can I just got out in that lifeboat to see what it's like?

"It's a very slow vessel, so it took about 40 minutes to get out onto the open ocean. I need about three minutes and I said, 'OK I got it, you can turn around now!'

"I said this is going to be a particularly authentic hell on earth and for that one day it was.

"When we were on the gimble, it's like an amusement park ride and it does rock and roll and pitch but it doesn't drop like the sea does, it doesn't have that swell action. And that's the bane of all focus pullers and DPs - that's what makes them throw up on me!"


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