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Crowe 'nearly didn't make' Days

Russell Crowe has revealed he very nearly didn't make The Next Three Days.

"I quite frankly didn't want to go and make another movie [that quickly] after Robin Hood, particularly something that fast," Russell said.

He explained: "I think there was going to be something like a five week gap between the last day of shooting of one and the first of the other. In between that time having to pack my family up from England, take them back to Australia, settle them there and get on a plane again, it wasn't really something that I was inclined to do but I simply found the script fascinating."

The movie sees Russell play family man John Brennan whose life is thrown into chaos after his wife Lara (played by Elizabeth Banks) is jailed for a murder she may or may have not committed. After an appeal fails, Russell decides to rescue his wife to save his family.

"I was really enamoured by the script, it was very compelling," Russell said.

"The questions going through that character's mind were very compelling for me, particularly the over-arching question 'would you, on behalf of somebody you love, turn into a person who she couldn't love in order to help her?' - that to me was a fascinating question."

The Oscar-winning actor got a chance to work with Paul Haggis to make the movie.

"I thought Crash was fantastic and I also knew his work as a writer, all of those things do add up but for me the principal decision is going to be based on what's actually on the page and what the character has to do," he said.

The Next Three Days is released in cinemas on Wednesday, January 5


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