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Cruise: I revolutionised film promo

Tom Cruise has claimed he changed the way films were promoted with his masterplan for Top Gun.

The star of the 1986 film told a producers' conference that he had masterminded the modern approach to film marketing, according to Deadline.

Tom revealed: "I said let's do it so I can go to that city, have a premiere there, do the red carpet and press line, then go to the next city and do it again."

Apparently film bosses weren't convinced by the set up but humoured Tom for a while.

He said: "In the meantime, I did all of the math and after four or five years of this, I finally told them, 'Ok, here's the deal. I'm not going to promote your movie unless you do this. I just won't.' So they finally said, 'Oh God, he's being a jerk, I guess we'd better do it.' I assured them that if it failed, I'd own it, it would be on me. So we started doing it, and we saw it was successful - that if you promote it right and bring it to the people, it works."

When asked if he was taking credit for a large proportion of movie money coming from international success, a smiling Tom said: "Yes, I am taking credit for it. And that's not a joke."

At the same conference a few days earlier Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer fuelled rumours of a sequel on the cards.

He said: "As long as he (Tom Cruise) keeps his enthusiasm, hopefully we can get it made."


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