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Cruise joins Russian social network

Tom Cruise has become the first Hollywood star to set up a page on the popular Russian social network Vkontakte.

The Mission Impossible actor's page appeared on the site, announced by a message on Twitter saying "See you there!" in Russian.

His profile picture is a poster for his new science fiction film Oblivion,"which comes out in Russia on April 11, two weeks before it opens in the U.S.

Cruise's page is a sign of Russia's increasing box office clout. Box office income rose 8 per cent last year to 1.3 billion dollars, the ninth-highest in the world, and is expected to grow 9 per cent this year.

Vkontakte, which means In Contact, dominates the Russian social media market with more than 40 million users - about 10 times as many as use Facebook.


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