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Cumberbatch late for Spielberg meet

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he was late for his first meeting with Steven Spielberg - because he was looking for parking.

The Sherlock star was invited to an introduction with the War Horse director in London and co-star Patrick Kennedy after being offered the role of Major Stewart in the First World War epic.

"I couldn't find a parking space and I couldn't put my motorbike in a parking bay around the corner," admitted the 35-year-old.

"I thought I'd have to just walk in or I would be very late. But when I did, I was told the meeting was earlier, so I went in there going, 'Gosh, the first time I am meeting Spielberg and I'm apologising for being late!'."

Benedict added: "I thought, 'My mother is right, I do have a problem'. When I explained myself to him, he was fine with it. He was lovely, just lovely."

The actor admitted he was considering a break when he got the call from Spielberg about War Horse, which opens in cinemas on January 13.

"It's a dream. It sounds like a cliche, saying 'I'll do that unless Spielberg calls', and I had literally said that about taking a break and a week later, I had to eat my words," he recalled.

"Nobody will believe me, but there we are."


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