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Cusack planning Rush Limbaugh film


John Cusack looks set to star as Rush Limbaugh (AP)

John Cusack looks set to star as Rush Limbaugh (AP)

John Cusack looks set to star as Rush Limbaugh (AP)

Outspoken liberal John Cusack is developing a film about conservative US radio host Rush Limbaugh, the actor's production company said.

The working title is Rush, John's New Crime Productions company confirmed.

Hollywood director Betty Thomas, who is set to work on the film, said the production firm is putting finishing touches on a script that will star the High Fidelity actor.

Production is set for next year, she added.

Limbaugh is in the front ranks of colourful and provocative media figures. Earlier this year, he called a law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" on air for arguing to Democrats in Congress that health plans should pay for contraception.

This week, the host mocked Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie for his kind words for Barack Obama after Mr Christie praised the US president's response to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

John as Limbaugh is not typecasting, politics aside - the actor is a slender, dark-haired 46-year-old, while Limbaugh is 61, balding and portly. But Hollywood's make-up experts have probably had greater challenges.

John's credits range from the teen flick Sixteen Candles to offbeat films such as Being John Malkovich. He attended Mr Obama's 2008 inauguration but has criticised the president over his military and civil liberties policies.

Thomas is a former actress (Hill Street Blues) and an Emmy-award winning director (Dream On) whose big-screen films include Howard Stern's Private Parts and The Brady Bunch Movie.

Thomas's latest project is an online series, Audrey, that is showing on the YouTube channel WIGS.