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Cut! Kit's in the picture - twice


Kit Harington during filming of the Graham Norton Show

Kit Harington during filming of the Graham Norton Show

Kit Harington during filming of the Graham Norton Show

Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington's attempts to film his new movie in a London street were a bust when a double-decker with a huge picture of him on it appeared behind him during one scene.

The star, who plays Jon Snow in the violent fantasy drama, was filming the spy spin-off movie Spooks: The Greater Good when he ran into trouble.

He told Graham Norton: " I was doing a scene and they called 'cut', which was odd as it was going so well but then I looked behind me and a bus goes past with my face on it. I had a movie coming out called Pompeii and there I am in a gladiator outfit and all bare-chested and 10 foot high on a bus. It was funny the first two times."

The actor, who is on tonight's edition of the BBC1 chat show with Friends' star Matt LeBlanc, Australian actress Rebel Wilson and Mumford & Sons, also revealed the cast tried to get the Queen to sit on the Iron Throne during her visit to the set of the hit TV show.

He said: "W e kept asking her to sit on the throne and we kept getting told the same thing, which was 'She's not allowed to sit on other thrones, fictional or otherwise'."

Harington also revealed the inspiration for his gravelly northern tones in the show came about in an attempt to mimic the accent of his on-screen father Sean Bean.

He said: " I auditioned in my normal voice but when Sean Bean was asked if he could do an RP accent, he said 'No', so I had to be northern. I watched all his 02 adverts back to back to learn the accent."

:: The Graham Norton Show is on BBC1 at 10.35pm tonight.