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Dafoe's blood drained on Hunter set

Willem Dafoe has revealed he and the cast of The Hunter suffered attacks from plagues of leeches on set.

The Spider-Man star filmed the psychological drama, about a man sent on a mission to hunt the legendary last Tasmanian Tiger, on location in the wilderness of Tasmania and admitted it was not easy.

Willem said: "You haven't lived until you've counted how many leeches you get on you in one day. I stopped at a count of about fifty - big old leeches, everywhere. You usually feel them when they're travelling and you usually can pick them off before they find a good spot to suck."

But one crew member was not so lucky.

Willem revealed: "One guy got in his car to go home and he thought he peed his pants, but in fact he pulled his pants down and there was a leech on his genitals and a pool of blood. It was quite a memorable event!"

And the Platoon star was also battling the elements out in the wilderness.

He explained: "It was quite rugged where we were shooting. It's rough terrain. And very changeable, very dramatic weather.

"We filmed on top of a mountain. Early in the day it was sunny and beautiful and then some weather came in and three hours later in turned into blizzard conditions."

::The Hunter is released in cinemas on Friday.


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