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Daisy Ridley says Star Wars fans sometimes mistake her for Rey

The actress said she has had to adjust to life in the spotlight.

Daisy Ridley has said Star Wars fans sometimes confuse her with the character she plays, which can lead to awkward social interactions.

The actress was unknown when she was cast as Rey in The Force Awakens but has since amassed legions of passionate followers.

She told the Press Association: “It can be difficult only because the expectation is.

“The distinction can become blurry for people and ultimately that is a character, that is not me and so occasionally when I’m walking down the road and I’m very much not that, I’m like ‘aargh’!”

“And you feel you have to be a certain way to fulfil some kind of expectation, that can be a bit ‘aargh’ but for the most part people are really nice, really, really lovely.

“So I think it’s an ongoing process of people seeing you as something that maybe you aren’t, because I try and be brave and do all the things that Rey does but probably don’t succeed as well at. I’m sure it will get easier.”

John Boyega, who was also thrust into the spotlight when he starred as Finn in The Force Awakens, said his life had also changed a great deal.

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He said: “It’s the schedule side of life, a tad bit more busy and the commitments I do have they are not at home, they are always in different countries and that is something that takes getting used to.

“Apart from that I think it’s been pretty steady, it’s been gradual.”

Boyega said he even managed to pay a visit to Notting Hill carnival.

He said: “I was at carney the other day, did my thing there and then go back into my hole.”

He added he did not know if he would take part in any future Star Wars films after Episode XI is released, saying: “We don’t even know if there is another trilogy planned, the only trilogy announced was Rian Johnson’s one, which is going to be a separate thing.

“For now man I’m just trying to take each day as it comes because these Star Wars films can have you planning 20 years in advance and that is scary to me.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released in UK cinemas on December 14.


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