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Dakota: My old movies are mementoes

Dakota Fanning has revealed watching old movies that she made as a child is like looking back at baby photos.

The 18-year-old actress has been acting since she was just five, starring in films such as I Am Sam, War Of The Worlds and Charlotte's Web, and insists she has no problem watching her own performances.

Dakota said: "Oh yeah, especially the ones from when I was younger. It's like, who is that? It's like home movies, or the naked baby photos, that's what I feel like it is because I'm like a different person. I'm so little.

"But I do actually enjoy watching the films because everyone puts so much work into it and I just want to see how everything turns out and I'm able to separate it a bit and enjoy."

In her latest film, Now Is Good, Dakota plays teenager Tessa, who decides to live her life in fast-forward after being diagnosed with Leukaemia, and complete a list of things to do before she dies. On her journey to lose her virginity she falls in love with a boy played by War Horse star Jeremy Irvine.

Dakota admitted the love story is a weepie, but said it is also funny and uplifting.

She said: "It's a weird thing for me because people definitely cry in the movie and I didn't know how I'd react.

"For Tessa she has to stay kind of strong and is a little bit hardened throughout the film until the end, so for me I feel like I was kind of that way.

"And on top of that it's kind of hard to cry at yourself in a movie. It's a bit weird. It doesn't seem right almost. But I definitely know many men have had something in their eye a few times."


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