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Dame Joan Collins: Why I hate filming love scenes

The former Dynasty star -known for her glamorous Dynasty alter-ego Alexis Carrington – described one naked scene filmed during her career as “not nice”.

Dame Joan Collins has declared that she “hates” filming “embarrassing” love scenes.

The star, 84 – known for her glamorous Dynasty alter-ego Alexis  – said that she particularly loathed shooting one naked scene.

She tells Saturday’s instalment of The Jonathan Ross Show: “I was reading about Judi Dench, who says that she likes love scenes. I hate them. I’ve always hated them.

“They’re embarrassing, and you have to be careful that your nose doesn’t get in the way, that your lipstick doesn’t get on the man’s white shirt, that he doesn’t squash your boobs.

Dame Joan Collins (PA)

“I had to do one love scene with an actor that I really disliked, and he really disliked me, and it was a nude scene, and it was not nice.”

Asked who it was, she said of the late US actor and her co-star in The Executioner: “It was George Peppard.”

The actress told the ITV chat show that she had foreseen the death of screen star James Dean, who died, aged 24, in a car crash.

“I didn’t exactly date him, I went out with him. But I knew him as a friend….,” she said.

“I was in a car one night and we were in a restaurant down town and we were going to go to see (pianist and actor) Oscar Levant, and I was going out with this guy called Arthur, and James said ‘come in my new car, I’ve got this new car’.


“It was a red Porsche. And he said, ‘I’ll race you, and we’ll go to Oscar’s which is in Beverly Hills’.

“So I got in the car with Jimmy and I’ve never been so frightened. He went so fast, and through red lights. Through Hollywood, got to Beverly Hills in less than five minutes and I got out and I said rather prophetically to (Paul) Newman ‘God, he could kill himself in that car’.

“And less than a month later he did.”

She said that she fought for balanced pay with her Dynasty co-star John Forsythe, adding: “I finally managed it, because I became quite popular on the show.”

Asked about her one guilty pleasure, she said: “I love eating in bed. We eat in bed all the time… pizza in bed.

Dame Joan has previously revealed that she based Dynasty character Alexis on Donald Trump.

:: The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 9.15pm on ITV.


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