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Damon: I'm too old for action films

Bourne Identity star Matt Damon has claimed he is getting too old to star in action movies.

Hitting the red carpet in Los Angeles for the premiere of his futuristic sci-fi thriller Elysium, Matt said he was put through his paces in preparation.

"I worked out a lot, like four hours a day in the gym. I'm getting too old for this," he said.

The movie is set in the year 2154 where the very rich live on a pristine space station called Elysium, while the poor live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth.

After posing for photos with his wife Luciana, the 42-year-old actor said the film provided exciting challenges.

"I had never done a big fun action, science fiction movie like this before so it was a movie full of firsts for me.

"It's supposed to be a big, fun summer, entertaining action movie, but one that has a soul and it's got some really interesting themes that have resonance for the world we are living in today, but if you want to enjoy it as a big shoot-em-up sci-fi movie, you can do that too.

He added: "My character is down here on earth, working a job, hoping to one day get to Elysium and then he has this accident at work that gives him five days to live and then he has to get to Elysium because they have superior technology that can help him there. He takes all these incredible risks to get there and that kicks off all the action in the movie."

The movie also stars Jodie Foster and District 9 actor Sharlto Copley. It will be released in the UK on August 21.


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