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Damon: No spanking in real life

Matt Damon has said that, unlike his latest movie character, he doesn't spank his kids.

In a scene in True Grit, the US actor - as his Texas ranger alter-ego - takes his 14-year-old co-star Hailee Steinfeld over the knee and gives her a beating with a wooden reed.

With his own four young daughters, Matt told "I definitely don't spank them."

The Invictus star, who attended the screening with wife Luciana, took measures to ensure that Hailee wouldn't get hurt during the scene.

"It's a scene in the movie that needs to be there for a whole host of reasons," he said.

"And so, they just put a big pad on Hailee. And we practised. And I said, 'Hailee, does that hurt?' And she said, 'I can't even feel it'."


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