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Damon: We Bought A Zoo about joy

Matt Damon has said We Bought A Zoo director Cameron Crowe took on the role of a "benevolent dictator" on set.

The 41-year-old plays Benjamin Mee in the comedy-drama, which also stars Scarlett Johansson and Thomas Haden Church.

He told Flicks And Bits: "Every... great director I've worked with is very open to the suggestions of their crew and their cast.

"They all understand that it's basically a benevolent dictatorship and so while they have an idea and a plan for how things will go, they're open to a better idea at any given moment coming from anywhere."

The actor continued: "As a result the environment's very electric."

Matt said Jerry Maguire director Cameron wanted the feel-good film to spread some joy.

"He saw this movie as a piece of joy, that's what he wanted to give and he said this is a good time to put that out into the world," he added.


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