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Dance film inspired by wedding fail


Nick Frost was at Leicester Square in London for the world premiere of dance comedy Cuban Fury

Nick Frost was at Leicester Square in London for the world premiere of dance comedy Cuban Fury

Nick Frost was at Leicester Square in London for the world premiere of dance comedy Cuban Fury

Actor Nick Frost revealed he came up with the idea for new dance comedy Cuban Fury to make amends for not dancing with his wife at their wedding.

The World's End star was joined on a soggy red carpet by co-stars Olivia Colman, Ian McShane, Rashida Jones and Chris O'Dowd for the world premiere of the film in London's Leicester Square tonight, where dancers entertained the crowds of wet fans.

Frost plays former teen salsa champion Bruce Garrett who rediscovers his passion for dancing to impress his new boss Julia, played by Parks And Recreation star Jones.

Frost, who pitched the film from his own original idea, confessed: "I have a funny relationship with dancing, in that I kind of like doing it but I don't like anyone watching me do it.

"I messed my wedding up by not wanting to dance with my wife in front of everyone and I kind of felt like this was a way for me to say sorry and to make amends, and to get over that fear."

But he admitted he is yet to give his wife their first dance.

"She doesn't salsa and I tried to teach her a little bit when we were doing the training, but she's a Swedish lady and she doesn't like to be led by a man," he said.

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And the British star of comedies Spaced and Hot Fuzz, admitted he was still wary about dancing.

He said: "The risk with a dance film is you run the danger of getting what I call John Travolta syndrome, where people just ask you to dance in everything."

O'Dowd, who plays Bruce's sleazy workmate and love rival Drew, revealed he used the steps he learned at his wedding to Dirty Dancing fanatic Dawn O'Porter.

"I'm a massive Dirty Dancing fan too, and I tried to incorporate some of the salsa training into our first wedding dance, which was nice."

Pirates Of The Caribbean star McShane plays Bruce's dance teacher Ron Parfitt. Frost asked him to join the project when they starred together as two of the dwarves in Hollywood blockbuster Snow White And The Huntsman.

The 71-year-old actor said: "When Nick told me the part he said 'Ron Parfitt, salsa dancer'. I said, 'You had me at Ron!'."

Olivia Colman plays Bruce's sister Sam, a cocktail waitress.

The Broadchurch star said: "Cocktails I'm already a dab hand at, maybe not quite like that, but learning to dance was most exciting."

She is keen to keep up her new skill.

"You have to have a really good chum to do it with, so I have to get all my mates to learn, so we can go together," she said.

Jones claimed the film was ideal for couples to see on a Valentine's Day date.

"It's a good one for Valentine's Day because I think both genders will be equally happy by what they see," she said.

"Guys won't feel it's too girlie and they got dragged, and girls won't feel there's too much action and they have to close their eyes."

:: Cuban Fury opens in cinemas on Valentine's Day, Friday February 14.

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