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Daniel Craig gunning for Blair

Daniel Craig has slammed politicians for spending too much time schmoozing with celebrities.

The James Bond star - who recently hit out at the Kardashians for making a career of selling their private lives - told Men's Journal he considered MPs to be backstabbers and blamed Tony Blair for the culture of politicians courting celebrities.

Daniel said: "Tony Blair started it much more than anybody's ever done. 'Go and have tea at 10 Downing Street'."

He added: "It becomes Mephisto," referring to a 1936 novel about an actor who sacrifices his ethics and defers to the Nazis in an attempt to advance his career.

The 007 star said: "You are immediately aligning yourself with a political party. Politicians are s***heads. That's how they become politicians, even the good ones. We're actors, we're artists, we're very nice to each other. They [politicians] will turn around and stab you in the back."

The 43-year-old star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo said actors should stay away from politics, but added he thought George Clooney - who has previously spoken of working in politics - would make a good politician.

He said: "George has his finger on the political pulse.

"He's one of those guys who can get up and talk, and I don't have that. If someone shoves a microphone in your face and says, 'Explain yourself', you have to have a 100 per cent understanding of why you're doing it, and, unless you're 100 per cent, don't do it, let your work speak for itself."


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