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Daniel: I've never seen Star Wars

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he's never seen Star Wars - despite calling Harry Potter this generation's version of the famous films.

The star, 22, who called himself a "geek", revealed the gap in his film-viewing history to Moviefone, blaming his age.

He told the website: "Now this information is going to be out there in the world... It's really bad."

Daniel, who appeared in the final Potter film this year, said: "I saw The Phantom Menace, and everyone's like, 'You saw that one! You didn't see the originals?!' I know! I was ten! I didn't know any better!"

The Woman In Black actor added: "I know that I would love them because I'm a geek - so I would definitely get into them."

He added "I do think of Potter as being this generation's Star Wars."

Daniel could catch up with the films in 3D, as it was announced last year that George Lucas's entire film saga is going to be shown in the eye-popping format.


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