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Daniels filmed Butler in pyjamas

Lee Daniels filmed civil rights drama The Butler in his pyjamas, actor James DuMont has revealed.

The Enemies Among Us star plays President Eisenhower's chief of staff Sherman Adams in the film starring Forest Whitaker as a butler who served eight presidents at The White House.

James revealed: "Lee Daniels is in pyjamas, all the time. He's in pyjamas at your call back, he's in pyjamas on set. The man needs his sleep between takes. The man's in pyjamas, he's the best director ever."

Comedian Robin Williams plays president Eisenhower in the all-star ensemble cast.

James said: "Working with Robin we improved a lot things. Some things never made it, but boy did we have a lot of fun creating a lot of stuff.

"Sherman Adams is like a Cheney to Bush, so he really pushed Eisenhower. So Robin and I created stuff together that was fantastic, what's not to love about that.

"And then Forest Whitaker. Hello? I'm sandwiched between Oscar-winners - and the problem is what? And it's going to be a great movie. It's like win, win, win."

And James is also tipping Jared Leto to win an Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Jared stars alongside Matthew McConaughey in the film based on the true story of Texas electrician Ron Woodroof and his battle for the right to HIV treatment.

James said: "I play Jared Leto's father and I'll tell you right now, Jared Leto, Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. I guarantee you he will get a nomination at the very least. He's that good. He's amazing."


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