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Danny DeVito urges fans to vote for Jeremy Corbyn at next general election

The actor also endorsed the Labour leader in 2017.

Danny DeVito told fans to vote for the Labour Party at the European premiere of Dumbo in London (Matt Crossick/PA)
Danny DeVito told fans to vote for the Labour Party at the European premiere of Dumbo in London (Matt Crossick/PA)

Hollywood star Danny DeVito has urged his fans to vote for Jeremy Corbyn at the next general election.

The American actor, an admirer of the opposition leader, gave a thumbs up as he said “vote Labour” at the European premiere of Tim Burton’s live action remake of Dumbo.

DeVito endorsed Mr Corbyn during the 2017 general election and, speaking at the event in London, said he was still a “big fan” of the politician.

He told the Press Association: “Oh yeah, I’m a big fan. I think we should be bringing people together. I think we should take care of everybody.

Danny DeVito backed the Labour leader in 2017 (Matt Crossick/PA)

“We’ve got a wonderful world we live in. People have a lot of money. We have to figure it out with the distribution of wealth.”

Last year the 74-year-old defended Mr Corbyn amid allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

He suggested events from Mr Corbyn’s past had been “dug up” to make him “look bad”.

Colin Farrell, left to right, Nico Parker, Tim Burton, Finley Hobbins, Eva Green and Danny DeVito (Matt Crossick/PA)

DeVito added that the Disney film encapsulated his life-long experience of feeling like an outsider.

He said: “Tim and I feel, and all of us have that same thing, that oddity. You feel a little out of place. I grew up that way. My size was always a factor.

“Giving this great project to an artist like Tim, it brings it into the 21st century.

“We also deal with the animal rights situation really in a good way. We all feel that animals should not be held in captivity. I think we dealt with it in a great way in Dumbo.”

DeVito’s acting career has included starring roles in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Twins, LA Confidential and the classic TV series Taxi.

In Dumbo he plays the owner of a travelling circus whose plans are upended following the arrival of a baby elephant with the ability to fly.

Dumbo is due for release on March 29.



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