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Danny Dyer: I've become a joke

Danny Dyer has confessed he regrets making so many low budget gangster films, admitting: "I'm becoming a bit of a joke."

The actor told Total Film that after he shot to fame in 1999 clubbing movie Human Traffic he found himself flooded with offers, and he didn't think about saying no to anything.

Danny said: "I started my career and I couldn't put a foot wrong. It was like, 'Oh who's that guy? It's Danny Dyer. He's really good. He's nicked the film.' It started with Human Traffic. Then all of a sudden, I can green light projects. I'm getting offered eight, nine films a week. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop.

"I did too many people favours. I'm doing it for no money. Not thinking and not even telling my agent.

"They f***ing just cut and shut it, put my face on the f***ing cover with a gun in my hand, even if I'm in it for 10 minutes and don't have a gun, just to sell a certain amount of units. I did that far too many times.

"I realised, 'Actually f***ing hell, I'm becoming a bit of a joke here.' At the point I realised, I had another four s**t films to come out. I'm my own worst enemy. I don't blame anyone but myself."

In Danny's new film Vendetta he plays an SAS soldier who returns from Afghanistan to find his parents have been murdered and sets out to take revenge.

He said: "It's the film I've been waiting for all my career. I'd been pretty depressed and lost the passion and obviously my phone wasn't ringing. Then this came along. It was almost like I was being reborn. I had an opportunity to show people that I am a serious actor."

Danny is about to join EastEnders as the new landlord of the Queen Vic, but he won't let the soap get in the way of his film career.

He said: "They understand totally that I'm not just this unknown actor who is like 'Oh God thank you.' Obviously I'm appreciative, but if a movie comes along and I give them a bit of notice, they'll write me out for a bit."


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