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Dating show leaves Derry girl gutted as the winner forsakes her... for a car service voucher

By Rachel Martin

Imagine the pain of choosing a man based on his car - only for him to refuse a date with you because he would rather have his beloved vehicle serviced instead.

That's what happened to Derry woman Corey Hanna when she took part in an Irish blind date-style show that features a singleton who must pick their favourite of three potential suitors based on their car.

However, in the first episode of 'Pioc Do Ride' (Pick Your Ride), Corey was left gutted after a shocking twist meant that her chosen man turned her down in a bid to win a €250 (£184) voucher for his mother's car.

Corey took to Twitter to express her disappointment. "Well that's it. He chose the car… I'm still single," she wrote.

The series, which has been branded the cruellest dating show on Irish television, runs on Irish language channel TG4.

Corey had to choose her date by inspecting her three potential suitors' cars, one of which contained a pair of battered shoes and a bunch of flowers.

The three men stood by their cars wearing white racing suits and helmets so that she would not judge them based on their looks.

However, there was a dramatic twist, moments after Corey announced she had picked "lad number one" - blue Peugeot 305 estate driver, Kerry man Liam Antaine.

Liam was offered the chance by the show's host Áine Goggins to chose between a €250 voucher for a romantic night out, or a €250 voucher to spend servicing his car.

And Liam's heart belonged to the car - even though it turned out to be his mum's.

As well as Liam, she could have chosen a self-confessed boy racer from Carlow or a 'smooth talker' from Dublin.

Corey initially looked pleased with her choice when Liam removed his helmet but was left gutted by the show's twist.

It is rumoured that the show could make it onto British television screens as the production company El Zorrero Films is in talks with a number of broadcasters.

Liam defended his choice: "I don't think mum would be too happy with me if I go home without the €250 voucher."

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