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David Dimbleby tattoo: BBC presenter’s scorpion mistake

Despite David Dimbleby waiting until he was 75, the presenter may already be filled with post-tattoo regret, after making a crucial mistake in the design.

Following close inspection, experts agree there appears to be one problem: the tattoo has a mere six legs and pincers instead of the eight it should possess as a member of the related arachnids.

The Natural History Museum are among those that remain adamant that scorpions have eight legs, not six - “unless you were to chop two of them off”.

However there is some hope of a defence. A spokesman for the museum said that some insects – such as the Devil's Coach Horse – can look a bit like scorpions; but with just six legs.

Dimbleby decided to get the permanent body marking after exploring tattoo artistry as part of his latest programme Britain and the Sea.

The commentator, who has been presenting the BBC’s general election coverage since 1979, was offered the inking while investigating how tattoos were introduced to the UK as a result of Captain Cook’s South Seas adventures.

Although the presenter himself was not available for comment, the east London tattoo parlour which drew the scorpion told the BBC News website Mr Dimbleby had provided his own design.

 Dimbleby recently told Radio Times magazine that he was delighted with the result.

"You are only old once. I have always wanted a tattoo. I thought I might as well have it done now. It's a dream come true for me," he said.

The presenter said that he decided to have the scorpion because Scorpio is his star sign.

"It's beautifully done, actually. It's a work of art. They have these 3D tattoos now that are done using photographs, which are just astonishing, but I wasn't about to have one myself.

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