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David Duchovny happy to strip off

David Duchovny “doesn’t think it’s fair” when ladies are nude in films and men aren’t.

The 50-year-old American actor shot to international fame in the 90s playing FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder on hit TV show The X-Files, and nowadays he can be seen portraying erratic writer Hank Moody in the programme Californication.

David gets the chance to strip off for certain scenes in the show, and admits he embraces having the chance to do so. The handsome star laments the fact that it is so often leading ladies who are required to lose their clothes for romantic scenes in films, as he loves having the opportunity to show his toned physique off.

"I hate it in movies when the woman is naked but the guy isn't. It's just not fair," he moaned.

David is especially fond of revealing his posterior on camera. The actor admits it may not be his best physical attribute, but he is prepared to display it for the sake of solidarity with female actresses.

"So with there being nudity in our show, I make a point of showing my ass sometime during the season. It's not nice and it's not pretty but it's fair," he laughed.

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