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David Schwimmer: I just love The Great British Bake Off

But he is not a fan of Marmite.


David Schwimmer (Ian West/PA)

David Schwimmer (Ian West/PA)

David Schwimmer (Ian West/PA)

Friends star David Schwimmer is a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off.

The US actor, 53, famous for his Friends alter-ego Ross Geller, said he could not get enough of the Channel 4 programme.

“I love it. There’s such a good spirit on that show,” he told Radio Times magazine.

“It’s competitive, but everyone’s so lovely with each other.”

And he added: “It’s so not American!”

Schwimmer no longer has a base in the UK following his separation from wife Zoe Buckman.

But one thing about British life that he could never understand was Marmite.

“That is still completely perplexing to me. I’ve tried it and I really want to understand it,” he quipped.

“How is that still a thing?”

Schwimmer is appearing in his first new comedy since Friends in the Sky 1 show Intelligence, a workplace drama set in GCHQ.

“It’s taking all the stuff that’s upsetting or angering me in the current climate – at least in my country, if not both of ours – and putting it into human form,” he said.

The actor also told the magazine that people are too self-obsessed today.

“I don’t think it’s really healthy, to be honest, that everyone is growing up believing that everything they do, everything they think and everything they eat needs to be shared. I think it’s quite presumptuous, actually,” he said of social media.

The full interview is in this week’s Radio Times magazine, out now.