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De Niro: I'm not the lead any more

Robert De Niro has said he has accepted he is too old to be cast in a lead movie role any more.

The 70-year-old actor stars with Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline in new comedy Last Vegas about a group of old friends on a stag party in Las Vegas.

And he shrugged off age insisting he is happy to play old men as long as he can keep acting.

De Niro told The Metro: "That's just life. We can't play certain parts any more. We're playing the father or the grandfather or the great-grandfather and that can be written in a funny way, so it's fine. But you're not carrying the movie as the young romantic lead - those days are gone.

"I'm hoping that if things work out with digital technology, they can finally make us look younger and I can go on for another 40 years."

And The Godfather star feels he has the baby-boomer generation to thank for keeping him in work by going to see his movies.

"I don't go to see enough films," he revealed. "But I'm told that since baby-boomers will still actually go to see a movie in a theatre - because it's a communal experience that our generation is used to - there's now a trend towards making some movies that those people could possibly identify themselves in.

"You see it in the commercials for medications too. There's so many of them because they're appealing to this vast baby-boomer population."

:: Last Vegas is in cinemas now.


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