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De Niro: Life part of grand scheme

Robert De Niro feels as if his life is part of a "grand scheme".

The Oscar-winner said although he has choices, as he is getting older he is starting to believe the course of his life was "predetermined".

The 67-year-old said: "As I get older, I sometimes feel that things have been predetermined for me whether I liked it, wanted it, wished for it, whatever."

The actor - who is promoting his new movie, Stone, at the Toronto International Film Festival - went on: "It's like something... you do have a choice, you can change, you make a change but it's still part of this grand scheme, it's like those birds that fly from one end of the earth to the other. Northern to Southern hemisphere - they find their way there.

"Somehow as you get older, in a cycle you realise, 'This kind of happened but I guess in a way it was planned for me'."


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