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De Niro up for more Fockers films

Robert De Niro has said he would like to do more films in the Meet The Parents franchise.

The Hollywood legend, who portrays intimidating patriarch Jack in Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers and the upcoming Little Fockers, said he would be up for more of the comedies, which he also co-produces.

"I'm up for doing another few if it would actually go the distance - I think they're fun and great," he told Entertainment Tonight.

His co-star Ben Stiller, who plays the hapless Greg Focker, added: "When Bob calls, you have to show up. So, as many more as he wants to do, I will do."

The duo are joined by Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Owen Wilson, Harvey Keitel and Jessica Alba in the third instalment, which guarantees more dysfunctional family shenanigans.

"You really want to see where are these people at, why are we telling this story now, where are they at in their lives, and what can we find there," Ben said.

In Little Fockers, which opens in cinemas on December 22, Greg faces the challenge of becoming the family's next man of the house, aka the GodFocker.


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