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De Niro wants Good Shepherd trilogy

Robert De Niro has revealed he'd like to turn his 2006 hit The Good Shepherd into a trilogy.

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actor also said he only plans to direct a few more films.

"I have a few things I want to do, I only see myself doing at the most three more movies," the 67-year-old said earnestly.

"One of them would be a sequel to The Good Shepherd, maybe even a third part, I don't know," he said of the spy movie which starred Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.

At an official press conference to promote his new movie Stone, the actor revealed he enjoys constantly learning new things.

"Directing or acting there's always something new, even if it's a technological thing. There's always something to learn," he explained.

In Stone, De Niro plays a hardened parole officer who is confronted by the young wife (Milla Jovovich) of convicted arsonist Gerald Creeson (Edward Norton) during a parole review.

After Milla confessed to being star struck when she first met the acting legend, De Niro told reporters his co-stars never stay intimidated for long.

"When you're with people and you're working with them that goes away pretty fast," he explained.

"My job is to help people if they are really nervous, we have to get past that and deal with what's needed for the scene," he said.


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