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Deacon harbours footballing dreams

Adam Deacon revealed that he enjoyed his taste of the footballer's life very much for his latest film, Payback Season.

The Bafta-winning actor, who portrays professional footballer Jerome Davies in Danny Donnelly's gritty British thriller alongside Sir Geoff Hurst MBE, Louisa Lytton and Nichola Burley, joked that he would gladly swap careers if he could.

"Do you know how much they are paid? I would do it - the money is worth the stress," he quipped at the film's premiere in London's West End.

Adam insisted that while he can relate to the story, he isn't like his character.

"I might be doing my thing in the acting world but any actor who's working in British films will tell you that we're not on the same wage as a Premier League footballer," he said.

"Jerome is a Premier League footballer, he's living the high life. He's got a penthouse flat, a Ferrari, he's trying to get the girl that he wants and at the same time, his mum still lives on a council estate. Because of that, the two worlds collide. It's a story about celebrity culture that doesn't always get told," continued the 29-year-old.

Former England footballer and manager Geoff joked about being set for the high life now that he is a bonafide "movie star".

The 70-year-old, who makes his acting debut as a football agent, said: "I refuse to do the dishes at home now that I'm a movie star."

:: Payback Season opens in cinemas on March 9.


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