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Del Toro: Crimson Peak will upset

Guillermo del Toro has revealed that Crimson Peak will be "very scary".

The Mexican filmmaker has started work on the Gothic horror and wants cinemagoers to jump out of their seats when watching it.

"It's a Gothic romance, set at the turn of the century in the north of England, in a house at the top of a hill with a girl as the central character," he told Collider.

"Those are the classical elements, but how we go about it is very different. It's going to be scary and at the same time, emotionally upsetting."

The Pacific Rim director joked: "It's my first big Gothic romance thriller so hopefully it will work. I'm working my considerable a** off."

Guillermo - who is executive producer on horror Mama, which stars Golden Globe-winner Jessica Chastain - revealed why he was inspired to turn Andres Muschietti's short film into a longer feature.

"With Mama, I immediately got the fact this guy is a storyteller. You know it in the first 10 seconds in a short," he said.

"More importantly, the short was scary as f***, which is really important in a horror short. It's very classic, elegant and scary."


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