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Deneuve slams 'cult for youth'

Catherine Deneuve has criticised Hollywood for its attitude towards older leading ladies.

Promoting her new French film Potiche at the Toronto International Film Festival, the screen legend said Europe had a healthier outlook.

"It's kinder to its actresses than America, that's for sure" she insisted. "There is a cult for youth in America that is difficult for a woman to live with."

She added "actually they're hard also on men but they don't talk about it so much."

The 66-year-old, who was once married to photographer David Bailey, has made over 100 films in both French and English but admits she now struggles to find roles that excite her.

"I think it's more difficult to work and find parts, in terms of how many actresses are not working there are really much more not working than working at this age", she said.

"If I read a script that I find very low, or without any personality, I can be discouraged very easily, but it never lasts. First because I have friends in cinema so I talk to them and I go a lot to the movies.

She added: "I have great opportunities and I hope I make the right choice for me because that's the only thing you can think of".


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