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Denise Van Outen says ‘out there’ character will stir up drama on Neighbours

The actress will have a guest role on the soap as Prue Wallace.


Denise van Outen has joined the cast of Neighbours (Ian West/PA)

Denise van Outen has joined the cast of Neighbours (Ian West/PA)

Denise van Outen has joined the cast of Neighbours (Ian West/PA)

Denise Van Outen has said her “out there” character Prue Wallace will stir up drama when she joins the cast of Neighbours.

The actress will play the enigmatic mother of Harlow Robinson in the soap and has said she cannot wait to jet off to Australia to get started.

She told PA: “I am excited, I can’t wait to work on the show.

“Obviously I’m going over there and it’s their winter so when people say ‘You’re going to be hanging out at the beach!’ I’m like ‘No I’m there working, I’m in studio every day’ but it will be a really good experience.

“I’ve only met a couple of the cast and they are lovely and it’s just nice to go somewhere different and explore.

“We filmed in St James’s Park already so that was good and having the chance to meet a couple of cast members was great so I am looking forward to it.”

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She added: “My character is a little bit Ab Fab, I’m going to have a lot of fun with her, she’s a little bit out there but it will be good to have a character that I can have a little bit of a play with.

“The background is in the 90s she had a brief relationship with Robert Robinson and got pregnant and my daughter has gone over to Australia to see her rellys and then I’m going over there to meet up with her.”

Her daughter will be played by Jemma Donovan, 19, the daughter of former Neighbours star Jason and Van Outen said: “Jason is a friend of mine so I was really pleased because it’s nice that I will get to spend some time with her and also for Jason because she’s only young and I can be out there and help look after her a little bit.

“Not that she needs mothering but she might be a little bit homesick, her dad’s doing Joseph (in London) at the moment so it will be nice to spend some time hanging out with her and we can do some nice things together I’m sure.”

Before she flies to Australia she is heading off on a trip with her daughter Betsy, nine, and is backing a campaign by holiday rental company HomeAway, which will reunite children with toys lost while away from home.

She said: “Betsy has got Foxy and Rabbit and they have been with us on every holiday but I have had situations where we have misplaced them.

“We try and use the word misplaced rather than lost or we get full meltdown and it becomes a huge drama that you never really want to have on your holiday.

“I’ve made the excuse before that Foxy and Rabbit have had to go back and check on the house and check on all the other toys.

“Nothing really seems to work but on the odd occasion my mum has tried to fashion something that looks similar to Foxy and Rabbit and children will never be fooled.

“A lot of parents will buy extra and spare ones but it’s to do with the smell and the older they get and the more worn, kids know all the imperfections on a teddy.

“HomeAway have recognised this is an issue for a lot of families and the fact they will get them returned to you through social media if you can contact them and describe what you’ve left behind, it’s nice they are able to get them returned to you and free of charge.”

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