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Denzel: Scott and I make good films

Denzel Washington has said his reasons for teaming up with Pelham 123 director Tony Scott on another train movie were simple.

"We make good movies together - period," the actor said at the Los Angeles premiere of Unstoppable.

The film sees the actor attempt to halt a runaway train carrying hazardous chemicals.

"It was fun to be a part of," he explained on the red carpet.

The movie is based on the true story of events which happened in Ohio in 2001 and sees Denzel performing his own stunts alongside Star Trek actor Chris Pine.

"I was inspired by the real people I met and the place where we shot," Denzel admitted.

"Fear paralyses some people and motivates others, it motivated these two men," he said.

Surprisingly, having made two movies about out-of-control public transport, it hasn't put Denzel and his wife off getting on a train again.

"Actually we really talked about wanting to take a train ride across the country," he laughed.


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