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Depardieu 'shot and ate two lions'

Gerard Depardieu has claimed he ate two lions after shooting them dead in self-defence in Africa, according to reports.

The French actor said the incident took place when the car he was travelling in broke down in Burkina Faso.

Asked if he ate the creatures after they were killed, he said "Yes", according to the Independent Magazine.

He said: " The two lions waited in front of us and wouldn't move. Hours passed, we couldn't get out of the car, the African driver was very afraid.

"We had no choice, we had to shoot them."

Depardieu also spoke about an incident in 2011 when he was kicked off a flight after he was caught short waiting for take-off and urinated in a bottle.

He said: "I have lots of friends in the UK. And Ireland. Where, incidentally, I recently p***** in a plane..."

The 65-year-old went on: "I urgently wanted a p***, we'd been delayed 45 minutes, there were seven planes in front of us, and the hostess blocked me with her foot, so I p***** in a bottle... luckily all the police at Dublin airport know me."


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