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Depp's Lone Ranger faces big losses

Johnny Depp has blamed early reviews by film critics, as The Lone Ranger saddles up with predicted losses of up to £130 million.

Disney predicted that Gore Verbinski's remake of the 50s TV series, starring Armie Hammer as the masked lawman the Lone Ranger and Johnny as his Comanche spirit guide Tonto, could be facing losses of almost $200 million US dollars (£129 million).

The movie, which will open in the UK on August 9, failed to ignite the box office when it was released in America, taking $29.9 million US dollars (£19.3 million) on its opening weekend, while Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel took $125 million US dollars (£80.6 million) over the same period.

It was made with a budget of around $250 million US dollars (£161 million).

Johnny pointed the finger at American reviewers, telling Yahoo! UK: "I think the reviews were probably written seven to eight months before we released the film. I think the reviews were written when they heard that Gore and Jerry (Bruckheimer) and I were going to do The Lone Ranger.

"They had expectations that it must be a blockbuster. I didn't have any expectations of that. I never do," the star added.

His co-star Armie added: "This is the deal with American critics: they've been gunning for our movie since it was shut down the first time. That's when most of the critics wrote their initial reviews.

"They tried to do the same thing with World War Z. It didn't work, the movie was successful. Instead they decided to slit the jugular of our movie."

Jerry said: "It's unfortunate because the movie is terrific, it's a great epic film. It has lots of humour. It's one of those movies that whatever critics missed in it this time, they'll review it in a few years and see that they made a mistake."


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