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Dermot O'Leary praises Nightly Show team on his last night

The presenter handed over to Gordon Ramsay after a hectic week at the helm.

Dermot O’Leary has praised the creators behind The Nightly Show as he concluded his stint presenting the show.

He posted a picture of the show’s studio on Instagram on Friday night, with the caption: “Had an absolute blast hosting this all week, with a brilliant and hard working team.

“Always tough to launch a new show, especially with a new host every week, but the whole team have been excellent. I’ve loved every minute.”

His comments came amid weeks of criticism aimed at the daily chat programme, which has already been hosted by the likes of David Walliams and Davina McCall.

Dermot marked his final programme by presenting next week’s host, Gordon Ramsay, with an enormous swear jar.

He helped the famously potty-mouthed TV chef kick off the coffers by asking him to voice his opinions on things such as adding milk to scrambled eggs and Good Morning presenter Piers Morgan.

The colourful moment brought some light relief to Dermot’s week on the show, which was interrupted by the terror attack in Westminster this week.

Wednesday night’s episode was cancelled hours before it was due to air, returning the following night with guest stars Ant and Dec.

Dedicating Thursday’s show to all Londoners, Dermot said: “People say that London isn’t Britain, but to be honest, I think it is.

“Being a Londoner has nothing to do with the colour of your skin or where you’re from. It’s about tolerance and acceptance.”

“We’ll go on living, playing, working, queuing and complaining together.”

The Nightly Show returns to ITV at 10pm on Monday.


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