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Dern: Lynch is cooking up new film

Laura Dern has hinted that David Lynch is planning a return to film-making.

The Golden Globe-winning actress, who has worked with the acclaimed filmmaker three times, suggested that he could be returning to the director's chair in the near future.

"He is cooking, he's cooking up trouble, and I will be part of that trouble," she told Digital Spy.

"He's the consummate renaissance man, he just makes art wherever he can get his hands on it. But film, ultimately, I know is his great love, and I think he will always circle back to it. He's definitely cooking."

David has not directed a film since 2006's Inland Empire, in which Laura starred as an actress who loses her mind in the course of seeking a comeback role.The 68-year-old filmmaker was so impressed with her performance that he launched an unusual Oscars campaign, featuring a cow.

Since Inland Empire, he has focused on other endeavours including short films, music and art.

Laura, who stars in tear-jerker drama The Fault In Our Stars alongside Shailene Woodley, said she would continue their partnership for years to come.

"I will be working with David Lynch when I'm 80," she added.


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