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Derry's Apprentice girl Leah Totton is more than meets the eye candy

By Maureen Coleman

She's been branded 'eye candy' by fired Apprentice contestant Kurt Wilson and is known as 'Dr Totty' by fans of the show.

But Londonderry model-turned-medic Leah Totton is still fighting her corner, determined to prove there is more to her talent than meets the eye.

The 24-year-old, who is a fully trained NHS doctor and runs her own medical aesthetics company in London, survived another boardroom brush with Lord Sugar after coming closest in Team Endeavour to pulling off a big sale.

But when it emerged Kurt Wilson had called on Totton to join him in selling high-priced camper vans because she was "a bit of eye candy", neither the doctor nor Lord Sugar looked impressed.

Once again, Leah avoided being fired – while Wilson and Natalie Panayi were sent packing instead.

Wilson has since back-tracked over his comment about Totton, praising her for her sales skills instead.

"I was bringing Leah over because I trusted her," he said. "I think she was a good saleswoman and unfortunately that just slipped out at the wrong point."

Following his remark, viewers took to Twitter to express their opinions on the beautiful blonde.

One poster defended the Derry-born doctor, saying: "I am assuming that Dr Leah Totton is possibly quite annoyed by the way she is spoken about by these men."

However, another viewer wrote: "Leah Totton is stunning. She knows she's eye candy."

While Totton is prone to pouting when things don't go her way, she has stayed true to the claim she made in her audition that she wouldn't resort to nastiness. She manages to come across as pleasant yet stands up for herself.

Critics have accused Totton of showing negativity and lacking enthusiasm. But friends and former teachers describe her as a passionate person, who cares about medicine.

Her former careers advisor from Foyle and Londonderry College, Ken Thatcher, said Leah had worked hard to get her degree.

"She was an incredibly focused and determined young lady," he said. "She was a very bright girl and a straight A pupil. I've no doubt she'll do well in the show."

Following Wednesday's double firing, female fans took to Twitter to express disappointment that 'hunky' Wilson had got the boot. One viewer said: "So sad Kurt's gone. He's a beaut." There were no references to his personality, his intelligence or his business acumen – just his good looks.

Perhaps he'll think twice before labelling a woman as 'eye candy' again.

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